Will Firth
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Will Firth

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As a translator I see myself as a mediator and a smuggler: my mission is to funnel socially and politically relevant writings and quality literature from Eastern Europe, so vastly underrated, to the egotistical “West”.

Chess players, Zagreb railway station

“impeccably translated by Will Firth”
- Robin Ashenden's review of Andrej Nikolaidis’s novel Till Kingdom Come on ceel.org.uk, 2015

“Aleksandar Gatalica’s novel arrives from Belgrade in Will Firth’s excellent translation”
- Mark Thompson's review of The Great War in The Times Literary Supplement, 2015

Our Man in Iraq may well prove to be one of those rare cases where something is actually gained in translation.”
- Emily Donaldson's review of Robert Perišić's novel in The Star, 2013

“Our novel that made it in America” [Naš roman koji je uspio u Americi]
- promotional stickers on Perišić's novel in Croatian bookstores, 2013